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Introduction to Biaora Introduction

This city has 700 years old Chaturbhujnath Temple and 400 years old Raghunathji Temple. Anjanilal Mandir. The main activities in this city are business, trading of agriculture products and fruits, health and education institutions.

Regional Culture: Biaora city lies on the Malwa plateau, which had been a separate political unit from the time of the Indian tribe of Malawas until 1947. Overall, agriculture is the main occupation of the people of this region. Malwa region has been one of the important producers of opium in the world. Cotton and soybeans are other important cash crops, and textiles are a major industry. Malwi is the most commonly used language, especially in rural areas, while Hindi is widely understood in cities. People here are mostly vegetarians.

Location and Climate of Biaora Location

The city is located at the junction of NH-3 and NH-12 situated 117 kms from Bhopal. Biaora geographically lies at 23 34’ 12” N latitude (toposheet no. 55/A/6 with 1:50000 scale) and 760 28’ 12” E longitude. Biaora city is well connected by road and rail. It is one of the six divisions of Rajgarh district. District Headquarters is about 25 kms from here and the nearest towns are Pachore, Sarangpur and Narasinghgarh. Frequent buses are available from Biaora to Bhopal, Indore, Guna, Rajgarh and Ajmar (Rajasthan State).

Trains are running from and to Dehradun, Gorakpur, Ahmadabad, Bina, Varanasi, Indore, Amrutsur and Gwalior are passing through Biaora railway station.

Connectivity to Biaora District Profile - Rajgarh

Rajgarh district lies on the northern edge of the Malwa plateau, and the Parbati River forms the eastern boundary of the district, while the Kali Sindh River forms the western boundary. The district Rajgarh is part of the Bhopal division and the district is bounded by Rajasthan state to the north and by the districts of Guna to the northeast, Bhopal to the east, Sehore to the southeast, and Shajapur to the south and west.Rajgarh is the headquarter town of the district which is 140 km away from Bhopal towards east and on National Highway No. 12 connecting Jaipur and Jabalpur. It is also connected to Railway from the nearest town of Biaora which is about 20 Kms away.
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